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15 tips for beating the heat this summer 

Stay hydrated. According to personal trainer Tim Harris, it takes up to two hours for the liquid you’ve drunk to reach relevant hydration levels in the body. Photo: Pexels

(Ella Kipling/ Women’s Health) –– A heat-health alert has been issued as temperatures in parts of England are set to hit 30C over the weekend – hotter than Ibiza and Madrid.

The alert, which is in place from Friday 9 June to Monday 12 June, means we are likely to experience our ‘first sustained period of hot weather of the year so far’, the UK Health Security Agency said.

Last year, the UK faced a summer heatwave and all-time temperature highs were recorded across the country. Social media was filled with those struggling with the sun, callouts for tips and tricks to cool down, and worries about how to prevent overheating.

Despite the usual British complaints about the rain, many of us are often unprepared for when temperatures really rise. However, with some small adjustments, you really can feel confident facing the heat this summer. (…)