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Diagnosis of a Thyroid Problem

The diagnosis of a thyroid mass is made by taking a medical history and examining the neck. Your doctor may have you lift up your chin, extending your neck to make the thyroid gland more prominent. He/she may also ask you to swallow. This helps to distinguish a thyroid mass from other lumps and bumps in the neck. Other tests that your doctor may order include:

  • Fine needle aspiration biopsy.
  • Blood tests of thyroid function.
  • An ultrasound exam.
  • A CT scan.
  • A chest X-ray.
  • An iodine thyroid scan.
  • Core biopsy of the thyroid
  • Molecular testing of thyroid nodules

These are all usually available the same day at the VM Med Medical Center.


Fine needle aspiration

After diagnosing a thyroid "lump", our multidisciplinary team may recommend a fine or "skinny" needle aspiration of the lump. This is a safe, relatively painless procedure. A fine needle is passed into the lump in the thyroid, ideally under ultrasound guidance, and samples of the tissues are taken. Most patients require several passes with the needle and often a second session may be needed to provide sufficient material for the pathologist. There is little pain and very few complications from the procedure. If you are on blood thinning medication or have a tendency to bleed excessively, this procedure may not be appropriate. This test gives the doctor more information on the nature of the "lump" in your thyroid gland. The results are read by the pathologist. This report will help the VM Med Team to recommend the proper treatment for this thyroid mass.

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