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MRI, MRI Arthrography, & MRI Biopsies

Located on the ninth floor in a unique, sunlit environment, our open bore (wide opening) MRI offers patients a calmer, more open experience than is available from traditional MRI machines. By greatly lessening the feeling of constriction that comes with exams in traditional MRI machines, our open bore machine is suitable for claustrophobic patients. An appointment and a requisition are required for this type of exam.


MRI Exams

MRI technology takes images (pictures) of the inside of the human body. An MRI examination is widely used to visualize certain areas that are not always visible in standard radiographic studies (X-rays), ultrasounds or other scanners. An MRI is able to cut the images of the structure being analyzed into different planes and is able to reconstruct the images into three dimensions with the help of a computer. The MRI machine uses a magnetic force that is a natural, omnipresent part of the human body’s make up. A cylindrical tube is used to create a magnetic force around the patient.

VM Med offers several types of MRI. Below is a list of just some of the MRI exams we perform:

  • Abdominal MRI
  • Pelvic MRI
  • Brain MRI
    • Optic nerves MRI
    • Sella turcica MRI
    • Optic nerves MRI
    • Internal auditory canals MRI
    • Brain and angio MRI (Circule of Willis)
    • Brain venogram
  • Spine MRI
    • Spine 2 segments MRI
    • Spine 3 segments MRI
    • Cervical spine MRI
    • Thoracic spine MRI
    • Lumbar spine MRI
  • Musculoskeletal MRI
    • Shoulder MRI
    • Elbow MRI
    • Wrist MRI
    • Forearm MRI
    • Hand MRI
    • Hip MRI
    • Knee MRI
    • Leg MRI
    • Foot MRI
  • Thorax MRI
  • Soft tissue MRI
  • Breast MRI

MRI Biopsies

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided biopsy uses a strong magnetic field to provide surgeons and radiologist with an extremely accurate view of a very specific area under suspicion. During this type of procedure you will be injected with a contrast dye that will help illuminate the area in question during the procedure. The surgeon will locate the area requiring biopsy.


VM Med was also Canada’s first Siemens-Sentinelle designated Breast MRI Center of Excellence for image production, research, and staff training and testing for new MRI-guided biopsy technology.

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