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Our private ultrasound clinic in Montreal offers several types of ultrasounds. Ultrasound is a medical imaging technique that uses inaudible, high-frequency sound waves and their associated echoes to produce images of the body’s tissues and internal organs.


What can a patient expect?

During the ultrasound exam a radiologist or an ultrasonographer (a technologist who specializes in ultrasound exams) places a jellylike substance on the skin of the area in question. A probe that is attached to the ultrasound machine is manually placed over the area and the machine then transmits a high-frequency sound wave into the body. Images are relayed in real time, therefore movement of the patient’s organs (or developing baby in the case of a pregnant woman) can be captured by the person doing the ultrasound exam. The ultrasound images are then relayed to a radiologist to interpret the exam results.

VM Med offers several types of ultrasound including:

  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Endovaginal ultrasound
  • Testicular ultrasound (with or without doppler)
  • Transrectal prostate ultrasound
  • Surface ultrasound
    • Face
    • Groin
    • Umbilical
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound (MSK ultrasound)
    • Shoulder
    • Wrist
    • Elbow
    • Hand
    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Ankle
    • Foot
    • Extremity (thigh, calf, forearm)
  • Doppler ultrasound
    • Carotid
    • Renal
    • Venous
    • Hepatic
    • Arterial

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