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Ultra-processed foods linked to increased death risk from breast and ovarian cancer

 Diet is a controllable risk factor. You can’t control the physiology of how your body responds to food, but you can control what food you put into your body. Photo: Pexels

(Corrie Pelc/ Medical News Today) — Doctors have known for some time now that what we eat has a direct effect on our overall health.

The body requires specific nutrients to perform its routine tasks. And a healthy diet is linked to lowering a person’s risk for certain diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, as well as promoting better mental health.

Now, researchers from Imperial College London say eating ultra-processed foods increases a person’s risk for developing all cancers, specifically ovarian and brain cancers. And these foods also heighten a person’s risk of dying from cancers, especially ovarian and breast cancers.

The study was recently published in the journal eClinical Medicine.

Previous research shows eating ultra-processed foods increases a person’s obesity risk and can accelerate a person’s biological aging. (…)