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Quebec will begin vaccinating people 85 and older

Quebec estimates there are another 200,000 people who are 85 and older who don’t live in CHSLDs or private seniors’ homes. It expects the majority of them to receive the first dose within two weeks. Photo: Pexels

(Jesse Feith/ Montreal Gazette) — Quebec will begin vaccinating seniors age 85 and older against COVID-19 starting next week, a development Premier François Legault described Tuesday as the first step in “beating the virus.”

At the same time, Legault said he remains concerned about the new COVID-19 variants circulating in Quebec and warned cases could spike if Quebecers let their guard down.

Legault made the announcement during a news conference in the Olympic Stadium’s atrium, one of Montreal’s mass vaccination sites.

“The hope is there. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not that far away,” the premier said. “Within weeks, our most vulnerable people will be vaccinated.”

Quebec will begin the campaign with people born in 1936 or earlier while prioritizing people living in the Greater Montreal area, where the number of active cases remains higher. (…)

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