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5 facts everyone should know about an MRI in 2021

MRIs procedures are not the easiest to go through. More often than not, patients experience anxiety and fear inside the machine. Photo: Pexels

(Marela Bush/ Chart Attack) — An MRI, (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), is a test done using powerful magnets, radio waves and a computer. The three elements work together to make detailed pictures of your internal body.

Some people often compare MRIs to X-rays and computed tomography or CT scans. However, the difference between an X-ray or CT scan and MRIs is that MRIs do not use damaging ionizing radiation. Therefore, unlike the other two imaging technologies, MRIs are safer and can be done more than once.

Doctors use this test to diagnose patients or see how their bodies are responding to treatments. MRIs can be done on different parts of the body. For instance, doctors can use MRIs to look at soft tissues and the nervous system when diagnosing patients.

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