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Feeling ​insecure about returning to a post-pandemic social life?

You can pick one person that you feel safe with and do an activity that feels achievable and once you have that success you can build from there. Photo: Pexels

(Rinna Diamantakos/ CTV News) — Mandatory lockdowns, remote work and learning, and limited in-person social interactions have resulted in an increase in self-esteem issues over the course of the pandemic, psychologists say.

Time spent alone has increased the opportunity for self-critical thinking, which lowers self-esteem and confidence. But psychologists say that there are ways to develop positive self-esteem in preparation for the return to “normal” social life.

“People have just had more time to ruminate,” Dr. Amber Cohen, a registered clinical psychologist and director at the Cohen Clinic in Toronto, told​. “If you have had some issue within COVID or if you were already struggling with self-esteem prior to COVID, there is just a lot more time to be in those thoughts and have it impact you in a negative way.” (…)

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