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50 best mental health tips to help you feel a little bit better

These tips can go a long way, but they aren’t a replacement for therapy or medical care.

(Hannah Dylan Pasternak/ SELF) — Over the last number of years at SELF, we’ve provided no shortage of mental health advice. Many of the stories our editors and writers publish aim to offer practical, accessible ways to give yourself the mental health care and support that you need.

However, we know that there’s a ton of mental health and self-care information to sort through on the internet—and while you may have read some of our pieces, finding the service you need at the moment you need it is much easier said than done.

So for SELF’s Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health, we had an idea: What if we culled all of our best, most useful mental health tips and put them together in one single article? The result is what you see below: an extensive but still skim-able and digestible list of mental health tips for a variety of situations and feelings.(…)