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Has two years of masking hurt our kids? Here’s what experts say

Some are are calling for an end to mask mandates, especially for kids. Some parents are citing concerns about child development and mental health, But are those worries warranted? Photo: Pexels

(Jamie Maraucher/ Global News) — Rishi Ramberran’s children were ages 11, nine and five when the COVID-19 pandemic first began.

When masks became mandatory, it was a no-brainer for the family of five.

“My father was very ill during COVID and he had a lung disease, so our family just put him as a priority. … We all just wore masks and that was that,” the Winnipeg father of three explained.

“Initially it was cool. We got some pretty cool masks. They liked it.”

But like so many other parents, two years on, Ramberran wonders, how has masking affected them, if at all? (…)