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11 signs of thyroid problems that women should know

Women are up to eight times more likely to experience hyperthyroidism as men, and the Mayo Clinic says those over 60 are at even higher risk. Getty Images

(Leslie Goldman/ Woman’s Day) — Lisa Haber, now 41, struggled with weight issues, fatigue, and dry skin as a teenager. She visited an endocrinologist, who said her thyroid was not to blame.

But in 2013, when she was 37 and trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, she went to her internist and had her thyroid retested. She found out that it wasn’t actually functioning well, and could be contributing to her inability to have a baby. Lisa, a social worker who lives in Chicago, went on medication that relieved some of her symptoms, and she became pregnant with her son a few months later.

Thyroid problems can take a toll on well-being, and as Lisa found out, they can be difficult to pinpoint. Often the symptoms mimic signs of other issues like depression and menopause. About one in eight women will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime, according to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), yet up to 60 percent of people with thyroid disease don’t realize they have it. (…)

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