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Your sexual health as a cancer survivor

Lasers and energy devices have also been treating vaginal dryness such as the Micro ablative CO2 laser or the “Mona Lisa.” Photo: Pexels

(Coleen Moretti/ Cure Today) — Many survivors experience sexual side effects due to cancer treatments, but there are steps they can take to improve the health and safety of their sexual encounters, says Dr. Mindy Goldman from the Gyn Center for Cancer Survivors and At-Risk Women from UCSF.

“I am really happy to be here today and talk about an issue that I think is really important and many times doesn’t get discussed enough in oncology visits and follow ups,” says Dr. Goldman, at the CURE 2020 Women’s Cancers Summit.

Cancer survivors often have sexual side effects as a result of their treatments. Surgeries can cause pain and body image issues, while radiation can cause scaring, pain and decreased lubrication.

Chemotherapy causes a decreased sensation and impaired arousals, in addition to hot flashes and virginal dryness. Those who have received hormonal therapies can also experience vaginal dryness, pain and decreased desire. (…)

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