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What to know about ruptured ovarian cysts

The primary symptom is a sudden, severe, and sharp pain in the lower abdomen that may coincide with nausea and vomiting. Photo: Pexels

(Rachel Ann Tee-Melegrito/ Medical News Today) — Ovarian cysts are common in females of reproductive age. Most of these are harmless and go away naturally. However, some cysts may rupture and cause symptoms.

Ovarian cysts are not uncommon. Around 1 in 5 females develop at least one mass in their lifetime. Most of these are functional and do not require treatment.

However, complications can occur, such as cyst rupture, which may require prompt management.

This article discusses ruptured ovarian cysts, their symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and treatments. It also explores complications and other conditions related to ruptured ovarian cysts. (…)