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How some immunocompromised can cut Covid risk

Ray Hoffman, who is immune-compromised, is given a shot of the two-shot dose of AstraZeneca’s Evusheld — the first set of antibodies grown in a lab to prevent Covid-19, on Jan. 20 at a University of Washington Medicine clinic in Seattle.

(Berkeley Lovelace Jr., Akshay Sayal/ NBC News) — As more and more Americans doff their masks, immunocompromised individuals may be concerned about their risk levels among largely unmasked crowds.

The latest change came Monday, when a federal judge struck down the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention’s rule that mandated that all travelers wear masks on public transportation, including planes and trains. 

But experts say that while immunocompromised individuals do remain at a greater risk of Covid, the landscape looks much different than it did even a year ago, with a number of tools available to provide the extra protection they need. (…)