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What to know about fibroadenomas of the breast


(Timothy Huzar/ Medical News Today) — A fibroadenoma is a type of lump that can develop in the breast and typically appears in females. Fibroadenomas are very common, but they are benign, which means that they are noncancerous.

Other than the lump itself, a person with a fibroadenoma is unlikely to experience any symptoms.

In this article, we look at the causes of fibroadenomas and how doctors diagnose and treat them.

What is a fibroadenoma?
A fibroadenoma is a benign tumor that can develop in the breast. Doctors do not know why some people develop them and others do not. They are common in women but rare in men.

The tumors consist of glandular and connective tissue, and they can vary in size. Some are so small that a person cannot feel them, while others are easy to locate during a self-examination. (…)

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