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Study: some women should start mammograms at 30


(Dennis Thompson/ HealthDay) — Women at increased risk for breast cancer should start receiving mammograms earlier than recommended, even as young as age 30, a new study contends.

Young women who have dense breasts or a family history of breast cancer appear to benefit from regular mammograms as much as women in their 40s do, researchers reported.

The findings support new breast cancer screening recommendations issued by the American College of Radiology this year, said lead researcher Dr. Cindy Lee, an assistant professor of radiology at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

“Every woman by age 30 should have a risk assessment with their primary care physician or ob-gyn to see if they are at increased breast cancer risk,” Lee said. “If there is family history, then maybe they should consider a baseline mammogram to determine their breast density.” (…)

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