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Vaccines are ‘massively reducing’ long COVID cases

It’s good news that our research has found that having a double vaccination significantly reduces the risk of both catching the virus and developing long standing symptoms. Photo: Pexels

(Dave Yasvinski/ The Healthing) — The chances of contracting a case of long COVID are cut in half for people who have been fully vaccinated, according to a new study that found the rate of hospitalization and the emergence of extreme symptoms become considerably less likely after inoculation.

The study, conducted at King’s College London and published in the Lancet, analyzed data provided by vaccinated adults in the U.K. after 1,240,009 first doses and 971,504 second doses over a six-month period beginning in December, 2020. After analyzing a range of factors — such as age, frailty and areas of deprivation — researchers found double vaccinated people were 49 per cent less likely to have an enduring case of COVID-19 in the unlikely event they experience a breakthrough case of the virus.

Hospital trips were 73 per cent less likely after infection and the emergence of acute symptoms became 31 per cent less common after patients were fully vaccinated. (…)

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