The mental-health benefits of a social media break

Between 79 and 83 percent on social media reported negative effects on anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

(Crystal Hoshaw/ Healthline) — What would your mental health look like in a world without social media? Pretty hard to imagine, right?

Many of us are so mixed up with our social accounts that it’s difficult to remember what we did before the feed.

There are plenty of upsides to online connection, but how do we find balance with the constant flurry of input from friends, family, celebrities, and brands constantly vying for our attention?

To help you do just that, Healthline and Psych Central invite you to join our 10-Day Digital Disconnect Challenge on Instagram.

In a recent Healthline survey, we asked readers how they feel about social media. Of those we asked, 25 percent said they feel it has a negative effect on their mental well-being, and 53 percent said they feel that cutting down on usage could help. (…)