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7 bedtime yoga practices for a good night’s sleep

Learn how adding a gentle yoga practice to your wind-down routine can lead to a restful night’s sleep. Photo: Pexels

(Clare Swatman/ Woman & Home) — Do you have trouble nodding off every night? Well, a bedtime yoga practice could be the answer to your prayers. 

You’re not alone in your sleepless nights. Despite being equipped with everything from the best pillow to a sold bedtime routine, around 20% of adults suffer from clinically diagnosed insomnia. Plus, many more have undiagnosed sleep issues that leave them feeling groggy, tired and unable to function properly. But why do we struggle to sleep? 

“Your mind has a great deal of say in how your body feels, but it’s a two-way relationship,” explains Lisa Sanfilippo, yoga teacher and author of Sleep Recovery.

“Your body is designed to tighten against threats and protect you. The problem is that, long after highly stressful events have passed, your body can carry a lot of unnecessary tension, affecting not only your musculature but also your body’s hormonal functioning. In other words, tension sabotages your sleep by ‘breaking’ the mechanisms of relaxation.”

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