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Senior Living: How to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

You can help stave off Alzheimer’s with certain lifestyle changes, Ingram says. Getty Images

(Mike Boone/ Healthing) — Like the seasoned and celebrated broadcaster he is, Jay Ingram offers calm and reassurance. The current Calgarian was spokesman for Alzheimer Awareness month in January. He told me, during a recent phone conversation, that if I didn’t have dementia at 73, I was probably in the clear — at least until my 80s.

“Given how old you are,” Ingram said, “you’re never going to get early-onset Alzheimer’s.

”That’s somewhat reassuring, but I’m still unsettled by an increasingly tough time remembering names. I do remember Ingram, a Member of the Order of Canada who quit a PhD program to become a science writer/broadcaster. His host gigs included Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio and Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel. (…)