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Placenta accreta is a rare and serious — but treatable — pregnancy condition

Doctors often want to do an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) if they suspect accreta but can’t tell for sure with the ultrasound. Photo: Pexels

(Maria Masters/ What To Expect) — Placenta accreta is a serious, potentially life-threatening pregnancy complication that is on the rise worldwide, especially as C-sections (Cesarean sections) have become increasingly common over the past few decades.

If diagnosed in time, though, this condition doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy baby. So, what exactly is placenta accreta — and what do you need to know about it? Read on to find out who’s at risk and why prompt medical attention is so important.

When placenta accreta occurs, the blood vessels and other tissue from the placenta grow more deeply into the tissue of the uterus. This makes it more difficult for the placenta to detach, and can cause bleeding during the third trimester and possibly dangerous hemorrhaging (blood loss) during delivery. (…)