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Lifestyle changes to improve your health in 2021 – the pandemic proves you can

So, if COVID has made the case for the connection between behavior and health outcomes, then what have the events of 2020 told us about our ability to change? 

(Louis Bezich/ Philly Voice) –– There is much in life out of our control, but when it comes to the most important dimension, our health, we have more power than we realize. 

The problem is too many Americans, particularly men over age 50, abdicate this power and fall victim to an unhealthy lifestyle. As we enter 2021, the experience of this past year may actually hold some promise through the lessons learned about our personal behavior.

Never in our lives has the health impact of our own behavior been so visible as in 2020. Experts have known for years that individual behavior tops all other factors, such as genetics, social circumstance or access to health care, when it comes to determinants of health.

But 2020 took us to a more granular and highly visible level where hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing were the recommended behaviors. This link between personal behavior and health outcomes became horrifically apparent as COVID-19 cases, like clockwork, spiked after holidays punctuated by non-compliance. (…)

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