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Here are 16 science-backed ways to build a recharge into your day

When your mental or physical battery is dead, you need to unplug from draining activities and plug into recharging activities.

(Anna Lee Beyer/ Greatist) — You wake up to yet another day of work and log on to your computer. The first thing to pop up on-screen: your lengthy to-do list. Seeing this immediately zaps what little energy you might’ve had for the morning.

Now, you’re grasping for what might help. You don’t really have time to make breakfast. Coffee isn’t working. You don’t know how you’re going to make any real progress. Where is that darn charger?

Feeling drained may be related to sustained mental, physical, or emotional stress. During times of stress, high cortisol levels can interfere with the function of your whole body. But no worries — there are plenty of work-arounds! (…)