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Hearing aids may help you avoid dementia, study finds

 A loss of hearing is one of the top modifiable risk factors for dementia, along with smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity.

(Carly Cassella/ Study Finds) –– A systematic review of the scientific literature has found preliminary evidence that hearing aids could help keep the human brain young and fit as a person ages.

When researchers in Singapore reviewed eight long-term studies on adults who are hard of hearing, they found participants who wore hearing aids were 19 percent less likely to show signs of cognitive decline compared to those who did not.

A follow-up meta-analysis of 11 papers on hearing loss revealed that after using hearing aids, participants scored 3 percent better on short-term cognitive tests.

The findings suggest there might be impressive brain benefits to hearing aids, but the authors note that further investigation will require rigorous randomized trials. (…)