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From lockdown to relaxation of Covid rules without stress

With regulations changing frequently, and lots of conflicting media discussions, try and keep a focus on the moment. Photo: Pexels

(Mental Health Foundation) — For many of us, the gradual easing of lockdown brings longed-for opportunities (even if at a social distance) – to see friends, play sports, resume contact with family in ‘real space’ or get back to work that we value.  

But for many of us, even the happy, much anticipated changes and re-adjustment can be difficult for our mental health.  And for many others the prospect of coming out of lockdown when debate is still live about the science supporting it can be a real worry. This may especially apply to those more vulnerable to the virus and those of us with mental health concerns. 

We should be prepared for the fact that the end of lockdown might be as hard for us as the start was. (…)

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