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Everyday habits that make you live longer, say experts

A lot of people have felt on a gut level that stress makes us age faster, and our study shows that that is true.

(Ferozan Mast/ Eat This, Not That) — Adding years to your life is one thing—but what about your health? “Many might agree that ‘healthspan’ can be defined as the period of one’s life that one is healthy,” says Tim Peterson, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis.

“However, being ‘healthy’ means different things to different people. A better definition might include being free from serious disease.” Here are five habits that can help prevent disease and add years to your life.

Research shows that a healthy diet can add ten years to your lifespan. “We’ve all heard it before: to be as healthy as you can be, choose a healthy diet,” says Robert H. Shmerling, MD. “And while that’s easier said than done, the impact of improving your diet may be large. (…)