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Diet and exercise can shape how your mind ages


(Juliana DiGiacomo/ Science Worthy) — In a recent study on lifestyle and dementia, in a matter of weeks, supported lifestyle changes in diet, physical activity, and mental engagement improved demential symptoms.

Dementia is a condition that many of us are all too familiar with within friends and family. Dementia itself is a blanket term that describes several conditions including a decline in thinking skills, memory loss, and altered behavior, feelings and relationships.

In contrast, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia and occurs in 10% of people over the age of 65. What makes this even more troubling is the proverbial “Silver Tsunami” which lays on the horizon.

The “Silver Tsunami” refers to the ever-growing swell of adults over 55 in many developed countries as a result of improved life expectancy. Riding with this wave are the 82 million people worldwide which are expected to be diagnosed with dementia by 2030 and 152 million by 2050. (…)

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