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How image visualization complemented my cancer treatment

Meditation practitioners know how to make mental images of peaceful scenes of nature and spend time there to de-stress. Photo: Pexels

(Cure Today) — The oncologist diagnosed me with stage 3 breast cancer. I felt flung into icy waters, as cancer hyphenated my life into ‘Before’ and ‘After’ eras. ‘Before’ saw a confident, energetic 58-year-old professor traveling widely. ‘After’ saw a sick, diffident, depressed woman. The year was 2007.

More troubling than the treatment comprising radical mastectomy, six cycles of chemotherapy, 33 cycles of radiation, side effects like mouth ulcers, nausea and weakness, was the continuous fear of recurrence and death that boxed me in.

I spoke with my doctor. He advised me to attend support group meetings. Before meeting survivors in person, I looked on the internet for cancer survivors and it delighted me to find several cancer patients who’d survived more than a decade! Encouraged, I read some first-person narratives to understand their victory over the disease. (…)

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