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Can your diet affect your breast cancer risk?

How you eat can help make your body inhospitable to cancer and controlling inflammation is key.

(Lambeth Hotchwald/ Everyday Health) –– If you’re someone living with the risk of breast cancer, breast cancer that’s newly diagnosed, or metastatic breast cancer, you may well be wondering what you can do — beyond treatment, and outside of your doctor’s office — to keep the disease under control as you go about the process of living your life.

One potential piece of the puzzle if you’re of a mind to tweak your lifestyle: diet.

Concrete conclusions with regard to diet and disease are tough to come by because smoking-gun studies that prove a correlation between a food and risk are difficult to do. Lots of studies, for example, are based on people’s recall of what they ate. (If you can’t remember what you had for breakfast yesterday you see the problem.) (…)