Can exercise prevent ‘chemo brain’ in women with breast cancer?

Women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, who exercise before chemotherapy (getting the recommended 150 minutes per week) are less likely to suffer from “chemo brain” during and after treatment.

(Leslie Orr-Rochester/ Futurity) — Chemo-brain, or brain fogginess, is a well-known side effect for some cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy. In prior studies, women with breast cancer have says that brain fog is a significant problem.

The new research suggests that exercise may be a prevention tool, and lays the groundwork for clinical trials to further investigate the power of exercise in cancer care.

“We’ve always believed that exercise is a great way to help cancer patients,” says senior author Michelle Janelsins, associate professor of surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Cancer and member of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program at the Wilmot Cancer Institute. (…)

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