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Anxious over COVID-19 weight gain? Experts say go easy on yourself

Deborah Berwick, 43, decided she needed to lose weight because she wanted to be able to keep up with her son as he got bigger and more active.  (Gary Berwick )

(Antonia Reed/ CBC Health) — Of the many experiences during the pandemic, tight pants are low on the list of serious complaints. But for many people, the prospect of returning to normal life could bring with it anxiety about weight gain and how they look. 

It’s something Gillian Turnbull, a 42-year-old writer and university professor in Toronto, has thought about more than she’d like. She has gained about 10 pounds since last March, and is not happy about it.”

“It’s not appealing at all,” she said. “It’s had an impact on how I perceive myself and how I think others are looking at me, even though I know everybody is going through this to some degree. I’m still totally consumed by how I’ve changed and how I must appear.”

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