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Another possible use for aspirin: reducing ovarian cancer risk

Future work should explore how chemoprevention programs with aspirin could complement existing preventive strategies.

(Mike Basset/ MediSite) –– Frequent aspirin use was associated with a decreased risk of ovarian cancer, even in the presence of risk factors, according to a recent meta-analysis.

Overall, frequent aspirin use was associated with a 13% reduction in ovarian cancer risk (relative risk [RR] 0.87, 95% CI 0.80-0.94) across 17 studies, with no difference between cohort and case-control study results (P=0.48), reported Lauren Hurwitz, PhD, MHS, of the National Cancer Institute, and colleagues.

Furthermore, risk reductions were especially notable for high-grade serous ovarian cancer (RR 0.86, 95% CI 0.78-0.94), they wrote in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. (…)