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Will we ever see the end of Alzheimer’s?

Two recent medical advances hold the hope that memory loss, like heart disease, may someday soon be detected and treated early and affordably.

(Lisa Marshall/ Web MD) — “Leese. It’s Dad. I need your help.”

My father’s calling me from the cafeteria at Denver’s Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center – the hospital where in 1967 he kicked off a prestigious career as a dashing, 6-foot-3 cardiologist. Dad tells me he’s been seeing patients. He just sat down to grab some lunch, but something’s wrong. He can’t remember where he parked the Jag. 

“I think I may have had a little stroke or something.”

I do something that would have been unimaginable 6 months earlier. “Your car is in the shop Dad,” I lie. “I’ll come down in a bit and take you to get it.” 

Dad sounds relieved. He tells me he has to get back to work, instructs me to page him if I need him, and hangs up. (…)