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8 meditation apps to soothe your soul and de-stress you

If you’re a beginner at meditation or just trying to clear your head, Headspace is the app for you. It guides you through a meditation journey based on your expertise level, starting you off with just a few minutes per day. 

(Trishna Rikhy/ V Magazine) — In 2021, mindfulness and awareness are the buzzwords promising growth, refreshment and relaxation.

Whether or not your New Year’s resolution included meditating, we’re sure it included working on yourself in some way or another, and what better way to accomplish that than by taking the time to get to know your body and mind?

Meditation is one of the best practices by which you can achieve awareness, higher functioning and a clearer state, all while reducing stress levels (and we know 2020 left us with a lot of those).

Below, we’re sharing 8 of our favorite meditation and mindfulness apps to help you achieve your best self this year.

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