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7 women talk about their trouble sleeping right now

“Now everyone seems to operate in crisis mode, so I tell myself I might as well practice self-compassion, prioritize yoga and meditation, and start the workday a little bit slower.” Photo: Pexels

(Colleen Stinchcombe/ SELF) — A global pandemic brings with it countless terrible effects. Lost loved ones. Lost jobs. Lost routines and ways of life that help us feel whole. And a big one: Trouble sleeping.

Whether it’s new and unusual dreams, sleeping more but still feeling exhausted, or hardly sleeping at all, a lot of us are finding that a good night’s rest just isn’t so easy to come by right now. If that’s what you’ve been dealing with, you’re not alone.

Here, seven women share how the new coronavirus pandemic has affected their sleep. And if you’ve been having trouble sleeping right now, here are 10 tips to try that might just help. (…)

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