6 no-nonsense self-care strategies that don’t cost a thing

 Practice a weekly time away from being driven by productivity. Give yourself permission to experiment with contentment. Turn off your phone and watch a funny movie. Photo: Pexels

(Julie Onos/ Healthline) –– This might be an unpopular opinion, but a massage is not what I need when I’m overwhelmed.

My stress levels have been so high that, even if I had the time or money for a spa, I would not be able to relax. Everything needing to be done would still be there waiting for me after my appointment.

Splurging on spa services is just not a practical idea for people with tight budgets, limited childcare availability, and high stress levels.

My new theory is that true self-care involves setting routines and boundaries, simplifying life, and having a strong support system. (…)