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6 beginner-friendly meditation strategies to help calm your child

Mindfulness practices offer children tools to calm their bodies down, to relax their minds and to help them deal with their thoughts. 

(Gitte Winter Graugaard/ Motherly) — Every day our children are bombarded with impressions: screens, the internet, over-scheduling of activities, information overflow, long packed school days, etc. Their lives are busy—and, believe it or not, our sweet kiddos can experience stress.

One of the most typical ways for parents to see signs of stress, depression or anxiety is if their child has a hard time falling asleep. Children today in general sleep one hour less than we did 25 years ago. Other signs of stress in children include headaches, stomach aches, ticks and hyperactivity.

One very effective way is to help our children deal with and process stress is to meditate. Meditation can both prevent stress in children and help heal children who deal with stress. It’s also a wonderful way to help children unplug and unwind after a long day, which prepares them for peaceful nights of sleep. (…)

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