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15 lessons the pandemic has taught us

“One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from COVID is that the scientific community working together can do some pretty amazing things.”John Cooke, M.D. Photo: Pexels

(AARP) — For the past year, the U.S. has been mired in not one deep crisis but three: a pandemic, an economic meltdown and one of the most fraught political transitions in its history.

Interwoven in all three have been challenging issues of racial disparity and fairness. Dealing with all of this has dominated much of our energy, attention and, for many Americans, even our emotions.

But spring is nearly here, and we are, by and large, moving past the worst moments as a nation — which makes it a good time to take a deep breath and assess the changes that have occurred. While no one would be displeased if we could magically erase this whole pandemic experience, it’s been the crucible of our lives for a year, and we have much to learn from it — and even much to gain.

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