14 benefits of yoga and why you should be doing it more regularly

The Boston University Medical Centre found that yoga is actually superior to all forms of exercise when it comes to improving mood. Photo: Pexels

(Bridie Wilkins/ Women’s Health) — The benefits of yoga extend well beyond being able to smugly tell people you do yoga regularly (although it is nice) – take it from me, WH’s Fitness Editor and a qualified yoga teacher. In fact, as a form of exercise, it’s hard to beat for accessibility or ease – you need little to no equipment and it can be done anywhere you have enough room to move in.

That little space by the side of your bed? Yes, yoga can happen there! Your living room floor? 100%. Wherever you can fit your yoga mat, you’re GTG (good to go).

Plus, no matter what Instagram culture tells us – rooted in India’s spiritual practices, yoga is less about doing headstands and much more about building mental and physical strength and cementing healthy habits for life. So, scroll on for 14 benefits of yoga as well as answers to your most FAQs (like ‘is yoga good for you?’ and ‘what types of yoga should I do?’). (…)