Women’s sexual desire often goes undiscussed – yet it’s a common health concern

 It’s normal for desire to change and fluctuate, even on a daily basis, depending on what’s going on in a person’s life. Photo: Pexels

(Áine Aventin/ The Conversation) –– Female sexual desire is frequently misunderstood. Despite desire (also known as libido or sex drive) being the most common sexual health concern for women, most women aren’t really taught about it growing up. And if they are, the information is often inaccurate.

This lack of education not only perpetuates misinformation, stigma and shame about female sexual desire, it can also have a major effect on wellbeing and perceptions of satisfaction in intimate relationships.

Discrepancies in sexual desire and satisfaction are often reported as key reasons for relationship difficulties. Low sexual desire also has a negative impact on body image and self-confidence.

But it’s never too late to understand desire and the many ways it can change – not just each day, but throughout life. (…)