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These five steps will help you deal with social anxiety

From focusing on one’s breathing to maintaining a gratitude journal, here are different ways to overcome social anxiety.

(Mid-Day/ Health & Fitness) — Model-actor Darasing Khurana, an active philanthropist, came up with the Pause.Breathe.Talk Foundation to help those who suffer from a mental condition and to offer mental health services to the needy. Khurana launched the foundation after the sudden death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput last year.  

The Pause.Breathe.Talk Foundation has several psychologists and psychiatrists in the panel, who have been helping the needy for over a year. During this time, he realised that many people suffer from social anxiety, a serious mental health condition, where every day social interactions cause anxiety, fear or embarrassment.

So Darasing, who’s also a socially active celebrity along with leading experts in the field have come up with five things to overcome social anxiety. Here’s what they suggest:  (…)

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