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These 3 tasks can cut your risk of dementia, study finds

Not only does exercise help slash your risk of dementia, but it also helps slash your risk of diabetes, which, in itself, puts you at risk for memory loss.

(Jillian Wilson/ Huffington Post) — New research is offering some actionable steps we can take to protect our minds from memory loss.

A large UK-based study published this week in the American Academy of Neurology’s medical journal found that physical and mental activities ― such as doing household chores, exercising or visiting loved ones may help lower the risk of dementia.

The roughly 11-year study followed 501,376 people in the UK who self-reported their physical and mental activities at the beginning of the experiment: how often they visit with friends, their education level, how often they climb stairs, how they commute to work, and more. (…)