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Study finds screen time soared among Montreal teens during pandemic

Seven out of 10 said they’re spending significantly more time on video games and social media.

(The Montreal Gazette) –– Seven out of 10 Montreal teens say they’re spending significantly more time on video games, watching videos or on social media during the coronavirus pandemic, even if 39 per cent of them say they’re fed up with staring at their screens, a study has found.

The Montreal public health department, which conducted the study in April and May 2021, says the seven out of 10 teens who reported spending much more time staring at a screen other than for school were doing so on at least one type of digital medium.

One-quarter of the teens said their screen time had significantly increased on three or more types of digital media. Researchers asked 725 Montrealers between the ages of 13 and 17 to answer a questionnaire about their habits for the study. (…)