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Menopause fatigue — what causes it and 4 ways to deal

Since all of these hormonal systems regulate our cellular energy, it makes sense that the sudden changes can leave us feeling drained.

(Ashley Lall/ First For Women) –– Menopause fatigue is one of the many frustrating symptoms we can experience once it comes time for “the change.” On top of all the other physical things you’re going through, feeling tired all the time when you’re trying to go about your life can be really taxing. If you’re sluggish and just don’t feel like yourself, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are simple changes you can make that can help you gain your energy back.

Many women in this stage of life experience menopause fatigue. Fatigue is just a fancy word for extreme tiredness that is constant (for instance, not just triggered by one sleepless night) and significantly affects your ability to go through your normal day-to-day activities. According to many women’s health experts, menopause fatigue can occur for a lot of different reasons. (…)