Low bone density, poor bone health linked to higher dementia risk

What we know though, is that things like a nutritious diet and active lifestyle will lead to both improved bone and brain health. Photo: Pexels

(Annie Lennon/ Medical News Today) — Studies have suggested a link between bone mineral density and dementia. While it remains unknown whether the two are causally linked, bone mineral density is an important predictor of fracture, which can lead to loss of independence among those with dementia.

Knowing more about the extent to which bone loss exists before dementia onset could aid the development of preventive strategies that optimize the health and care of dementia patients.

Recently, researchers examined the link between bone mineral density and dementia incidence.

They found that people with low bone mineral density were more likely to develop dementia.

The study appears in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. (…)