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Is a vaccine for rheumatoid arthritis possible?

A new study using an animal model suggests that a vaccine to prevent RA may be possible. Photo: Pexels

(Jessica Norris/ Medical News Today) — RA is a debilitating chronic condition that impacts the joints in the body. It can cause pain and decrease people’s ability to function. While individuals can manage the condition, there is no cure.

A new study that appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that there may be hope for a vaccine to help prevent RA.

The study examined a specific protein and its influence on the development of arthritis in rats.

The authors of the recent study focused on a specific protein — 14-3-3 zeta — and its role in arthritis.

They initially theorized that this protein contributes to the development of arthritis. However, they discovered that when they removed the protein in an animal model of RA, arthritis became more severe. (…)

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