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How Covid attacks the brain may explain long-lasting symptoms

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist Dr. Sachin Jain checks an MRI report before performing surgery to remove mucormycosis, a rare but potentially deadly fungal infection, from a patient who recovered from Covid-19 at Swaroop Rani hospital on June 5, 2021, in Allahabad, India.

(Erika Edwards/ NBC News) — Early research suggests that SARS-CoV-2 can enter the brain easily through a person’s nose, infiltrating brain cells where it lurks unchecked, possibly leading to lasting neurological symptoms, such as trouble with thinking and memory.

Two new studies — from the California National Primate Research Center and the Rotman Research Institute in Toronto — suggest that the virus directly infects neurons in the brain, potentially offering clues as to why some people suffer from a range of symptoms long after their initial Covid infection.

Neither of the studies, presented Wednesday during a meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, has been peer-reviewed, and neither is expected to answer all questions surrounding long Covid. (…)


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