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Helping breast cancer patients get the bras they deserve

Jo-Ann Harris, a fourth-year fashion design student at Ryerson University, stood out from the rest of the applicants because of her knowledge of what breast cancer patients look for in a post-operative bra.

(Vanessa Balintec/ CBC News) –– For Jennifer Schultz, dealing with breast cancer didn’t stop when she got off the operating table.

She relives the pain every time she puts on a bra that doesn’t fit properly or realizes she can’t afford the ones that can. 

“It’s unaffordable, it’s unattainable, and in my mind, it’s insult to injury,” Schultz told CBC Toronto.

“I want to feel like I did prior to my mastectomy as much as possible.”

About one in eight women in this country will develop breast cancer, and one in 34 will die from it, according to the Canadian Cancer Society. Many like Schultz live with the aftermath of invasive lumpectomies and mastectomies. That includes the challenge of finding bras that are designed for their prostheses and the evolving needs of post-surgery patients. (…)

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