First testosterone patch for menopausal women to begin clinical trials this year

UK study will look at patch’s effect on boosting libido associated with hormone level drop, which could transform lives globally. Photo: Pexels

(Andrew Gregory/ The Guardian) — The UK is to launch the world’s first clinical trials of a new testosterone patch aimed at boosting libido in women with symptoms of the menopause, in a move researchers believe could transform lives globally.

Testosterone is an essential hormone for women and its production drops heavily after menopause.

Although testosterone creams and gels are available to help women with loss of sex drive in some countries, they have to apply the correct amount to their skin themselves, and in some cases have to use products originally designed for men. The products can also transfer to other surfaces or materials, such as clothing, once applied to the skin.

Currently, there is no approved testosterone delivery patch – which would stick to the skin to deliver the hormone and only need changing twice a week – for women suffering adverse symptoms from the menopause. (…)