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Even low-intensity exercise can help during cancer treatments

Whether the training is of high or low-to-medium intensity doesn’t seem to matter much. Photo: Pexels

(Robert Priedt/ HealthDay News) — If you have cancer and you’re trying to exercise to boost your health, new research suggests you don’t have to knock yourself out during your workout.

Light exercise is just as beneficial as more demanding workouts for cancer patients, the researchers found.

Previous research has shown that physical activity can improve cancer patients’ physical and mental health, reduce fatigue and ease the side effects of treatment. But it wasn’t clear whether exercise intensity made a difference.

To find out, researchers studied 577 people, aged 30 to 84, in Sweden who were recently diagnosed with breast, prostate or colorectal cancer. The patients were randomly selected to do resistance and endurance exercise at either high or low-to-moderate intensity. (…)

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